6 Driving Mistakes That Ruin / Damage Your Car

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I don’t know, I have a feeling that you are guilty of one or more of these mistakes that is absolutely ruining your car because a car is a big investment. For that reason alone, I’m going to cover 6 ways you’re ruining your car. So, you can keep your ideal car running as long as possible and don’t end up with a hefty repair bill.

Not Waiting For Cars To Warm Up

Common Driving Mistakes Which Damage Your Car
I think every enthusiast or just regular car person has been guilty of this at least once or thrice; revving the motor when it is ice-cold. Personally, I see this quite often when people are leaving car meets. Of course you want to show off just a little bit. You give that throttle just a little jab and then it gives it a little bit of a rev. Then a little bit more, a little bit more, and a little bit more.. And all the sudden you are redlining that sucker and it is cold.

The main reason you just don’t want to do that is because cold rubbing creates crazy different temperatures within the engine block and can cause some extreme damage. When the engine is cold, the oil is thick. So, it doesn’t move as quickly and there’s a ton of stress in your engine.

The right thing to do is just let the engine warm up to normal operating temperature. If you are that guy at the car show and you need to make way too much noise, just know that you will at some point probably pay the consequences. But, for the rest of you, more sensible people out there; watch to the temp gauge, watch the oil gauge. Once it’s fully warmed, you can go as hard as you want.

Not Using Parking Brake

Driving Tips to Avoid Damaging And Ruining Your Car
In 100% no doubt, you and I are both guilty of this next one and that is not putting on the emergency brake when you park. Even if you’re parked on a level surface, you still should use the parking brake. Even though it just takes a couple of seconds to engage, it can save you a boatload of problems.

When you put your car in park, there’s this little metal thing that sticks out into a hole. That little thing is called a parking pawl. That is essentially holding all of the weight. Like I said before, use your parking brake even when you’re on a level surface because if you were to be bumped by another car and they break that little thing, that’s the size of your finger, that can be a costly repair bill.

Luckily because parking brakes latch onto the rear brakes, they will have to give before this little parking pawl gives. So, there are at least a line of defense that you should use because it costs nothing to use it. Before we get any further in this article, it’s time for the ideal question of the day; what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen someone do while driving their car? Let us know down in the comments.

Not Filling Up

Careless Car Driving Mistakes That Will Cost You
I want to see a raise of hands who’s guilty or knows someone or some people that run on quarter tank of gas or less? Yeah, I am guilty of that. You need to stop because running your life $10 a gas in the tank at a time is just not the way to save money.

In the short term, you may feel like you are saving a little bit of money but your fuel pump has just entered the chat! The way it keeps cool is it submerged in gas in your gas tank. Yet, when you’re less than a quarter tank or on E, it’s not submerged. The way it stays cool is it likes to hang out in the gas.

So, if you’re always running on quarter tank or less, well you’re gonna speed up the need for a fuel pump on your car tremendously. Here’s a little ideal trick that I started using. When you hit quarter tank, fill up, because then you’re always at least a quarter tank and your fuel pump will thank you later.

Your Shifter Is Not A Hand Rest

Driving Mistakes That Shorten the Life Of Your Car
I think a lot of us like driving manual transmission cars. There’s one mistake is that almost every single person does and that is leaving your hand on the shifter instead of keeping both hands at 10 and 2 or is it 9 and 3? Leaving your hand on the shift knob puts unnecessary strain on bushings and synchronizers. Guess what? That means premature wear and nobody’s got time for that.

If your spirited driving, well then keeping it at 10 & 2 or 9 & 3 is the best way to get the most out of your driving experience. If you know you know a manual transmission can add and heighten that driving experience and so just make sure you’re doing it right.

Clutch Abuse

Bad Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car
If you’ve ever driven a manual transmission car, either knowingly or unknowingly did this. It’s called a clutch kick! Essentially, it’s where you stab the clutch, rev the engine to the moon, let out the clutch, and that’s the way that you can start a drift! Although that can be lots of fun, it’s a great way to abuse your clutch.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only way you can really hamper how long your clutch lasts you. One of the necessary evils of life is traffic! In stop-and-go traffic, you’re using the clutch – the gas – the clutch – the gas, so on. That can wear out your clutch. So, try not to just feather the clutch rather engage or completely disengage, put the shifter in neutral. Your clutch will last a lot longer.

The other thing that people rarely if ever know that they’re doing, so you have to be conscious of it, is that a slight incline. They start feathering the clutch to hold the car rather than pushing in the clutch and using the brake. It sometimes can be a tricky maneuver when you finally have to get going on that hill. But trust me, keep the clutch in use, your brake, even use the E-brake if you need to you to hold you in there. Once the light turns green, let off the clutch and give it some gas. If you’re constantly holding your car on a hill, you can waive that clutch life goodbye.

Riding Your Brakes

Mistakes Drivers Make That Ruin Their Cars
If you like to go skiing, snowboarding, or you just have driven over a mountain pass before, going up is one thing. But, going down is a completely different animal. Naturally, your car is going to be picking up speed because you’re going downhill. It means you’re going to be using your brakes a lot more. Brakes are not meant to be used constantly. Not only will they wear quicker, but they can actually warp. That’s not even the worst of your worries. They can also have what we call brake fade, where they start to work less and less and then sometimes they completely fail.

So, when you’re going down a hill, don’t overuse your brakes. Instead, use the engine to help you brake by doing compression braking. That’s actually really easy. If you’re an automatic and you’re in drive take off overdrive or even come down another gear and let the engine slow you down. If you’re in a manual transmission, downshift once or twice, and let the engine slow your vehicle instead of your brakes. Of course if a snowman or something jumps out in front of you, use your brakes. Compression braking is the way to go when going downhill.


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