Car Mods That Will Ruin Your Car

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Ever see something that you wish you could unsee? Yeah, me too.. We’ve all seen them those car owners that just can’t help being the center of attention, in a bad way of course. They are definitely guilty as charged.

Today, we’re going to go over 6 car mods that will ruin your car. Let’s face it, sometimes we need a second person to tell us something that we already know. But who ever listen to what their parents said anyway? Don’t worry, I was a rebellious kid too 😀

Anything That Sticks On Your Car

The first one on this list are those stickers that you find everywhere on the back of minivans, SUVs, all around the world. The stick figure family stickers, those things are just getting a little old. Or what about those objects in mirror are losing stickers?
Bad Car ModsRidiculous Cringeworthy Car Mods That Make You Look Like a Moron

Or those fake bullet hole stickers which the 911 just had a real bullet hole go through its window. I wish there was a fake bullet hole in the passenger door panel. Or have you guys seen those fake eyelashes that surround the headlights on Volkswagen bugs? The taste police will get them, won’t they? More so than that, no one’s gonna believe you if you over badge your car.
Dumb Car ModsWorst Car Modifications That Will Ruin Your CarShitty Car Mods Terrible Car Modifications With Pictures Images

That normal 3-series is not an M3! What’s so sad is that actual manufacturers have caught on to this trend as well. Just look at how many M badges are on an non M BMW and it’s actually one of the worst car and truck trends out there today. Okay but I will allow one thing, wrapping your headlights yellow, wrapping, not tinting them darker. Tinting them darker is not safe.

Straight Pipe Mufflers

Horrific Car Mods Of All Time That Will Offend Your Eyeballs
You’ll hear these things come in way before you actually set your eyes on them. You hear them from like a minimum 5 miles away. Guess what? It’s ear piercing, especially when it’s coming from a little economy four-banger. Right as that thing rolls around the corner and completely surprises you because you thought it was something else.

You noticed that burnt blue tip on that five inch exhaust that you pretty much could stick your head into is supposed to mimic a racecar. I don’t know if it’s opposite day but that is funny. Not only do we see these atrocious exhausts on cars, but there’s a lot of trucks out there that have stacks or exhaust that would be more suited on an 18-wheeler. When you pair it with some truck nuts, you can see for yourself not a very good idea.

Tinted Lights

Stupid Funny Weird Ilegal Car Mods That Will Ruin Your Car
So, you’re thinking about smoking your headlights, taillights, or turn signals. I get it. It’s trendy, it’s cool, and it’s extremely unsafe. These lights are to help you see and let you be seen. When they’re blacked out, it’s not doing a very good job. Not only does this increase the chances that you’re in an accident, you also could actually get hit with a ticket from the police. Lights just like your license plate, can’t be hidden from view. You know that night shade stuff if you ever find it stumble its way into your car, please think twice before checking out.

Oversized Wheels

Cool Cars Ruined By Bad Mods
Monster wheels on any car, let alone an aging monte-carlo, is kind of an eyesore. I gotta admit they kind of look cool that is until reality kicks in and you realize the tires are gonna cost as much as the car and it’s just straight-up dangerous. Because you have extremely huge wheels, you have to reduce the sidewall on the tire.

These old hoop tees already don’t handle very well. With a real entire package like that, you made something that handled bad even worse. It raises the center of gravity, so chances of you tipping over greatly increase. Question for you; have you ever seen one of these ‘donks’ or cars with huge wheels, really low-profile tires?


Hilariously Nonsense Car Mods You Should Never Make That Can Completely Ruin A Car
Money just can’t buy taste. Some people just end up spending too much money on their whip. Obviously, you’re free to do whatever you want with your car. But, some of the stuff I’ve seen belongs in bad 90s rap music videos. There is a way that you can actually have too much bling. Yet, there is a way not to go overboard.

Once you start mixing and mashing, things can go downhill pretty fast. What’s tough is if you’ve turned your car into a monstrosity, still got to drive it everyday. I like to go by the old adage that less is more. If you’re gonna do something to your car, please ask a friend before you actually do. They might actually knock some common sense into you.

Booming Sound Systems

Ugly Car Mods That Will Ruin Your Car
Everybody likes good bass. But, when that sound gets a little too excessive, you might want to rethink your priorities. I’m fully onboard with aftermarket sound systems. They can really enhance the driving experience in your car.

But, those people that install a sound system specifically to bump the bass is pull tastes old spall. On the outside of your car, it just sounds like a rattling tin can. If you’re going to do an aftermarket system, great! Just make sure that all of the pieces play nicely together.


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