Cheap Used Cars You Should Never Buy

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Do you like headaches? You know, the ones that you get from your car being stuck in park and won’t move? Or your engine that just likes to blow up for no good reason? Well, then this article was made for you. If you want to avoid these cars, that are so unreliable, that you can only rely on them being unreliable, then this article was also made for you. I’ve come up with a list of 5 cheap cars that you should just never ever ever ever buy. The last one on this list actually has a nickname for how often it needs repairs!

Chrysler Sebring

Cheap Used Cars to Avoid
If you’re looking to get into a convertible, then under no condition should you ever find yourself looking at a Chrysler Sebring. It is the longest built vehicle from Chrysler and it has been unofficially known as the worst car of the decades. It was built in 1995 all the way up till 2010. You could get it in a sedan, in a coupe, even toplezz.

Let’s start off by talking a little bit about that convertible. These flimsy tops were extremely finicky. Since there weren’t any reinforcements, rollover accidents could easily prove fatal. Believe it or not, that’s kind of a small issue compared to the dreaded transmission issues that hamper almost every single Sebring. The shifter will just not shift out a park, no matter how hard you try, which means you’re going nowhere fast.

Not only that, the check engine light will come on and it’ll keep you in gear that you’re currently in and not let you shift out of it. Also, there are sensor failures inside the distributor which can make the car stall or just straight up not start. So, you could literally be going down the freeway and your car just stops working. Something else that is extremely annoying is the loud clicking noise from the HVAC system, so annoying!

If all this isn’t enough, well, the head gaskets like to fail prematurely which means open-heart surgery which trust me, isn’t cheap! Lastly, if you want to stay cool and run the AC, watch out for running water down the passenger side under the dash due to a plugged AC evaporator. If you don’t fix it, it can make your car smell like mildew. So, yes, the Chrysler Sebring is easily one of the worst cars in the world. But, don’t take my word for it, because even the infamous Jeremy Clarkson said so. So, it’s got to be true! This was just the first car on the list and we’re just getting started.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Worst Cheap Used Cars Not To Buy
If you’re starting to see a theme “you’re not alone”, Chrysler has had some quality issues with a few of their cars. The PT Cruiser the front-engine front-wheel-drive five-door hatchback that recalled styling from the 1930s was a ticking time bomb. Let’s not forget, you could also get this lovely Chrysler contraption in a two-door convertible in case you really wanted to stick out.

The PT Cruiser is the type of car that you bring to your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. They’re either going to talk you out of buying the car before they even look at it. So, that you know just save a bunch of money. Or they’re going to inspect it and tell you to buy it. They know that you’ll pay so much in repair bills that you’ll put one of their kids through college.

One of the most annoying issues with the PT Cruiser is the wireless control module. When it fills will lock up. It means your engine won’t even crank. That means you won’t be able to start the car. You can just disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, reset the system and fingers crossed the car will crank. After that, which that fix is free, but it’s also super annoying. I don’t know how to do that! So, you’re gonna have to spend some bucks and get the wireless control module fixed.

Also, the power steering hoses like to come in contact with the transaxle differential cover and this power steering fluid everywhere. Not only is this not good for the environment, but you literally lose power steering, makes it extremely tough to drive.

Lastly, the engine likes to overheat because of bad cooling fan motors. If the engine overheats that is going to cost an arm and a leg. The retro styling might get yeah, but just say no! The unique looks are definitely not worth the headaches.

Chevrolet Aveo

Unreliable Cheap Used Cars You Should Never Buy
If you’d like to buy cars with engine components that are made out of plastic by a Chevy Aveo. This little subcompact is actually manufactured by Daewoo. Sold in the USA as a Chevy. It most likely is the most boring car you’ve ever laid eyes on. This thing is just a cheap commuter car that’s supposed to get you from point A to point B as cheaply as possible. Internationally it’s sold as 7 different car brands! You got the Chevy Aveo, the Daewoo Gentra, Holden Barina, the Pontiac G3, the Rivonia R3, the Suzuki Swift, the Zaz Vida. All of those are the exact same car. The tiny little engine that doesn’t even have enough power to get up a Hill is about as unreliable as they come. Even on the flat, you try to accelerate and the thing won’t even cope anywhere.

That’s the least of your worries. These motors love to overheat just like a fat kid love cake. The shifter on the automatic transmission just loves to fail. When it fails, you can’t shift it out of gear and most likely you won’t be able to get it into park which means that the keys will become stuck in the ignition lock cylinder. That means you’re gonna have to leave the car wherever it is with the keys in it. Don’t worry, a thief wouldn’t be able to steal the car because they wouldn’t be able to get it back into drive. At that point, you’d probably want it to be someone else’s problem, anyways. So, if you’re thinking a Chevy Aveo, think again!

Ford Explorer

Cheap Used Cars With Never Buy Label
The Ford Explorer or more commonly known as the Ford exploder is today’s honorable mention. Believe me it has earned it. From the rattling noise in the engine caused by the timing chain cassette. When they break it causes the camshaft to jump time. Jumping time is not like time travel, rather it means that you need a new motor.

The blender door actuator aka the “click of death” is a common problem where you won’t get any heat. For some reason, it always seems to happen in the winter. That’s when you really really need to eat and it just breaks.

The bodywork, the infamous cracked rear liftgate panel, where a cracks just suddenly going to appear out of nowhere. At this point, if you’re not convinced that you need to avoid the Explorer, the transmissions are known to be opposite of bulletproof. Trust me, if you’re looking for a cheap SUV, dodged a bullet, look elsewhere!

Fiat 500

Top Cheap Second Hand Cars You Should Never Buy
The Fiat 500 has had a tough run because they’ve consistently been unreliable. Even though the iconic small Italian city car with its pseudo cool retro styling and 0 to 60 time in just under 10 seconds, trust me, you need to resist the urge. Fiat which stands for “Fix It Again Tony” lives up to its reputation. The pressure plates prematurely become faulty and the clutch tends to go out early which means you need to do a full clutch replacement.

If you decide to skip all that mayhem and get an automatic transmission instead, beware, they just recalled 50,000 cars that may roll away when you put them into park. Yeah, literally roll away from you, now it is fixed under a recall. If you see one parked in the wild, it could have roll away at any time.

Also, build quality is subpar with rattles and squeaks throughout. There is an off chance that a trim piece or two will fall off without warning. So, if you like living your life on the edge, I still wouldn’t recommend that you buy a Fiat 500. Instead, I’d recommend you buy these fun first cars for under 3,000 bucks. It’s time for that question of the day; what is the worst car that you’ve ever driven or been in?


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