6 Japanese Tuner Cars That Eat Supercars For Lunch

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What’s the moment that we all fell in love with Japanese tuner culture? We realize their full potential, the beauty was forced induction that allowed for insane horsepower out of these small engines. In this article we celebrate tuner cars with 6 incredible JDM rockets that will destroy supercars. Don’t blink, because they are that fast!

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

Japanese Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers
The R33 is unmistakably GTR. It’s easily the most overlooked one in the series of skylines. The R32 was a raw track focused monster. While the R34 GTR it was the handsome movie star offering that had both bite and bark. In the R33, the middle child, it’s somewhere in, well, the middle of both. but, that’s okay! It was the first production car to lap the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes. I think it looks great. It’s a little sleeker and a little longer than its older brother but it’s still screams GTR.

It’s also got that fire-breathing twin-turbo RB26DETT that pushes out 276 horses from the factory. But that was just a big fat lie. Due to the gentlemen’s agreement between Japanese automakers, no car could be advertised as having over 276 hp. That’s a story for another day because the R33 inline six was pushing out 330 forces from the factory. If you were any good at wrenching, you could double that figure and fry any supercar around, which this unloved JDM icon wind modded loves to eat supercars for lunch.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Best Japanese Tuner Cars to Turn Into Speed Demons To Beat Supercars
The Evo 8 started crossing the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the states in 2003. That was our first taste of how fun this little pocket rocket really could be. I know they say that cats have 9 lives, but I think this dog gained an extra one that day. The Evo and SPI have been duking it out on the rally circuit for over a decade before it was brought over to the States. When the Evo set tires onto the American soil for the first time, this four-doors, son of a rally car was essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This little turbocharged 2-litre inline 4 power plant pushed out 271 horses stock. Even stock, with its all-wheel-drive system, it delivers exotic sports car performance had a bargain price. Trust me, you’re going to get hit by the modding bug! 600 horsepower is doable on a stock bottom-end and 600 horses is insane, insanely fun. It’s going to take some upgraded turbos which means you have to upgrade the intake and the exhaust and probably the fuel in the ignition which means you probably also have to upgrade the clutch. You will be able to destroy supercars in your little Japanese pocket rocket. It’s definitely worth it.

Subaru WRX STI

Ultimate Performance Japanese JDM Tuned Cars Beating Supercars
Let’s not start a war, are you an Evo or Sube kind of guy? The Subaru STi just entered the chat. This 4-door rally car for the road was introduced a year after the Evo to the USA in 2004. Like the Evo, it was also a younger sibling of a long line of rally racing heritage. I got a hand it to Subaru. They really did a good job branding the World Rally blue color. I got to ask; who else thinks that this looks extremely weird?

Back in 2004, the turbocharged 2.5 liter flat bore was cranking out 300 horses. This everyday rally racer, with similar mods that I mentioned for the Evo, will have similar results. Neck breaking horsepower made it to a confidence-inspiring chassis, ready to chase down the competition. You can mod these things to not only go fast but to look the part too as they take aesthetic mods extremely well. The Subaru STi is one of the few cars you should really consider bringing home and meeting the parents, just saying..

Mazda FD RX-7

JDM Japanese Tuner Cars That Are Supercar Killers
There’s something to be said about being a little bit different and the FD RX-7 is the definition of unique. Not only is the third generation RX7 one of the most beautifully designed cars ever, but it’s got a little secret under the hood. It’s this thing called a rotary engine; drastically reduces the number of parts required for combustion. That’s sounds great because there’s less parts to break and you could rev these things to the moon.

Unfortunately, these things had poor fuel economy, rapidly degrading APEC seals and were utterly unreliable. But, when they were working properly, these things were absolutely a riot. The RX-7 FD came with the first mass-produced sequential twin turbocharged engine exported from Japan. This twin turbo 1.3 liter rotary putting out a healthy 276 hp. If you want reliable horsepower to slay supercars, easy, you throw a V8 into your FD and you have a reliable 400 horse sports car.

But, if you’re like me and you like to live your life on the edge of reliability and you want to just crank up the boost, it’ll make all your wildest fantasies come true. For those 7 seconds or less, you’ll be free.

Nissan 240SX S14

Good Cheap Modified JDM Tuner Cars To Beat Supercars
I’m not going to talk about the drifting potential of this car because the internet will gladly verify this thing loves to spend its time slide ways. Instead, I’m going to talk about straight-line speed. The engine that came in the Nissan Silvia S14 was pretty weak. It was this 2.4-liter inline 4, pumping out a dismal 155 hp.

But, there is good news; the stock internals were really solid and they can handle boost. Just slap a turbo on there and more than double the horsepower. This motor loves forced induction and can handle big numbers. We all know what that means, tons of tire shredding fun!

Toyota Supra MK4

Top Popular JDM Tuner Cars That Eat Supercars For Lunch
Prices for these things have officially gotten out of hand and a dealer just advertised at 98 mark for Supra for $500,000. That is ridiculous, even though this super is one of the most badass and influential sports cars to ever be produced. One of the main reasons is the ridiculous powerplant.

The 2JZ GTE inline 6 with sequential turbochargers pushing out 320 horses stock. But, surprise surprise, no one keeps these stocks because they can handle massive power, enough to slaughter any super-car in sight. As far as the aesthetic go, is this stock rear spoiler the best-looking spoiler to ever come on a car? Although the mark 4 Supra is the holy grail of Japanese tuner cars that will destroy supercars, I just don’t think they’re worth $500k.


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