Why Miata Is Always The Answer To Every Question?

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Why is the answer always Miata? Well, do you want a cheap car? Miata! You want something that does well in the snow? Miata! You want to go racin? Miata! How about just a car that will pick up chicks? Guaranteed, Miata! you want something easy to maintain, easy to work on, and reliable? Miata! Do you know what the 42nd president of the USA’s name was? It wasn’t Miata, it was actually Bill. But, I heard Monica used to drive one of the Miata. Why the Mazda Miata is a great car and so popular? So, today we’re going to go over 7 reasons why the Miata is the answer to everything.

No Backseats

Why The Miata Is Popular The Best Great Car
First off, there’s no rear seats. Literally you can only take one person with you. That is actually really nice because when your friends all want you to drive, it’s a great excuse. Not only that, less people in the car means you’ll be less distracted. You can maintain a little bit more focus on the road which is a good thing but you can do things like donut or drift in a Miata.

Chick Magnet

Mazda Miata : The Answer To Every Question
Miata still carry a slight stigma of being a chick car. But, here’s the thing; know who likes chick cars? Chicks! You know who likes cruising with you in a chick car? Chicks! You know what ends up happening when you start driving a chick magnet? Well, you get a chick! And here’s one way to convince your parents that the Miata is the perfect first car to but.

At least back in the day when I had my first car that did have back seats. And back seats are, well you know, a place to hang out. Well, you know kids in the back seat can cause accidents. But, accidents in the back seats can cause just some party! So, no accidents, no back seats. Wait, no back seats, no accidents. Either way, it’s a safe. Well, maybe it’s not a safe but it’s a great first car.

Makes Up For Mistakes

The Reasons Why Mazda Miata Is Always The Answer
So, you’re cruising along and you come into a curb just a little bit too fast. But, guess what? You’re in a Miata, and this car has better reflexes than you. Even in stock form, these cars handle extremely well. In fact, they have better body control than a professional belly dancer!

Just look at how much fun these things can be. But, here’s the thing; you’ve got to make sure that you have both a good alignment and also good tires. Even though these are extremely good handling cars, without either of those in tune, it can get quite dicey. If both of those are in line, get ready to downshift before your next turn and dance this baby through some curves.

Dirt Cheap

Why Do Car Enthusiats Like And Love Miata
If you’re like me and you think that Miata is usually if not always the answer, one of the main reasons is because how much you can pay to get into one. You can find up a beat up NA for about $3,000. Even a brand new one with most of the options that you’d want is still under 40k bucks.

The best part about this is that they’re all good. Meaning, the value for dollar in these Miatas regardless of year, regardless of generation, is definitely ideal. Whether you have a couple thousand bucks or tens of thousands of dollars to throw it your next ride, the Miata is probably the answer!


Miata Is The Answer
Since we were just talking about cost, well, it is a Mazda! These cars are more or less reliable and will very rarely if ever leave you on the side of the road. When problems do arise, they’re actually pretty cheap to fix. If you’re a little bit more handy than I am with some tools, you can do it yourself. Open up the engine bay and there’s a lot of space in there to work. Not only that, pretty much everything on the Miata is simply engineered. It’s so easy that almost a caveman can do it.

If you can’t do the repairs yourself, it’s not going to hurt your pocketbook as much as you think. Going to a good repair shop should cost you less than a hundred bucks an hour. Since it’s a Mazda, parts are relatively cheap and it should be pretty quick to fix. So, Miata is the answer. I think it’s a great value for what you get.


How Come Miata Is Still the Answer
As we talked about earlier. Miatas are great handling cars but something that you probably didn’t know is that Mazdas can be run competitively in the largest number of racing events in the world. What absolutely bonkers is the fact that you can build a spec Miata with decent parts. Of course you’re going to have to do the DIY stuff because labor is expensive but including the car you, can do one for about $10,000 and literally you can be driving this thing to the office during the week and then you can be racing on the weekends baby! Spec Miatas definitely have a special place in my heart.

Not only that, you can turbocharged a Miata for relatively cheap as well. For only a few thousand dollars, you can be having that much fun. No matter what generation of Miata you end up with, as you get better as a driver, you can continually improve your car as well. Not only do these cars take mods really well, but when you decide to move on from one Miata to the next, the next buyer of your “Mazdapiece”, won’t be as scared of those mods as maybe a different car like a Porsche 911 with some mods or BMW M3. So, it’s a win-win.

It’s All About The Size

Why The Answer Is Always Mazda Miata
You know what I’m talking about, Miatas are pretty small cars which make them extremely good city cars. Parking these things is stupid easy. Not only that, there’s zippy little things. So, it’s easy to maneuver through traffic or just dip out of class early without anybody noticing. Just make sure you don’t put on a lobby.

It is small but like my mom told me, “big things come in small packages” or is it “great things come in small packages”!? Either way, you can fit enough camping gear in a Miata for a weekend getaway and then drift that thing into the school parking lot on Monday

The Best

I may have not been completely honest with you guys up until this point. Miata is sort of the answer, but what’s really the answer is the NA Miata! Why? Because those pop up and down headlights. Of course! I mean, how cool is this? You can have both of them go up. Or you can have the lazy eye. Or my personal favorite; you can have it wink at a cool chick! Man, I wish I would have owned a Miata is my first car. What do you think: is the Miata the ultimate first car?


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